Meet… Tally Spear

London-born Tally Spear is emerging to be a star in the making, and you have been warned.

Credit: Jay Rabanal

Raised between the roots of country and folk, Tally Spear is putting together a modern yet haunting twist to her soundscape and is slowly growing into a one to watch within the evolution of the UK music scene.

With now amassing over 130k streams across all platforms for her self-titled debut EP and raising multiple eyebrows across the board, Tally Spear cuts through the standstill of our life throughout her latest single, 'When's Nobody's Around'.

As she prepares for the next step of her career, Vibez caught up with Tally Spear to discuss what was it like creating a self-directed video, evolving as an artist and the plan to produce a larger project that speaks for herself as an artist.

Firstly, congratulations on your first release of 2021 with 'When's Nobody's Around'. How would you describe the past few weeks, and what are you most looking forward to this year?

Thanks so much! The past few weeks have been an adjustment to the world opening up; getting back into the room with my band and planning the live show again, doing video shoots again. It feels good.

Speaking about 'When's Nobody's Around', which delves into the crazy life we've all experienced. How did you approach this specific theme, and what was the creative process of the track?

The track was written and produced from home via zoom calls, but I hope this song can represent more than just the ‘lockdown life’ we’ve been living. Spending time alone is something I’ve learnt to hugely appreciate, taking in my surroundings, being mindful. What do we all do when nobody’s around, what do we think about? I think there are multi-layered themes within this that I like to think people will unpick.

Alongside the track, we are also expecting a self-directed music video in the coming days. How excited are you for people to see it, and what do you hope your fellow fans gain from it?

I love thinking about visuals to complement a song for the ‘When Nobody’s Around’ video. I spontaneously went out with my digi camera, and shot a load of footage around Barbican, London, - it was deserted, and I wanted to create this eerie and concrete vibe while also sort of ‘dancing’ and enjoying myself, a metaphor for the light and shade feelings of being alone.

Looking back at your previous work and your debut track 'Scatterbrain' - how did Tally Spear start?

I started with an acoustic guitar and a harmonica around my neck, playing solo around London bars and making myself known as the girl who sings Bob Dylan covers, haha. I mean, country and folk music is in my roots, and I think the storytelling aspects of those genres will always stay a part of my writing style and inspo. There’s been a real progression and journey in finding myself as an artist since I released ‘Scatterbrain.’ Same same but different.

You've also swayed as the years gone by from folk-pop soundscape to more of a darker approach to your productions - what's the reason behind this, and do you think you'll keep to one sound or expand as you continue to grow?

As I develop and change as a person, my tastes and interests change, and so will my music and writing. I think it’s impossible to label yourself within one sound or style forever. It’s an ever-evolving process, ya know?

In other news, we hear that new music is on its way for summer - what secrets can you spill?

July is going to bring a bit of a different track that I’ve had in the pipeline for some time. I’ve just finished creating the music video, which involves broken mirrors, red ropes and rooftops.

As you continue to rise into one to watch of 2021, how do you continue to prove the critics wrong?

I keep going. I keep trying to get better at what I do. Critics and people around you will always make judgments about who they think you are and where you are going, but the truth is nobody really knows, including myself!

Finally, where do you see Tally Spear next?

I can’t wait to release a larger body of work that speaks for itself in terms of who I am as an artist, continuing to explore sounds, getting out in front of a crowd again. There’s a lot to look forward to, only up from here!

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