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Meet... Sterling Press

From one venture to another, London-based Sterling Press are now in their element with their debut single 'Very Fun Times' and want to continue that momentum throughout 2021.

Through wrenching guitar beats alongside the dynamic experimental genres of Rock and Jazz that brings soaring soundscape to life - the quartet showcase authenticity within their first offering but leaves space to grow within their future releases.

Whilst the hope to see Sterling Press erupt live tours is still in sight, Vibez over here caught up with the band about their debut single 'Very Fun Times', life under lockdown and the dream for the band.

Firstly, what has life been like since forming back in spring of 2020?

It’s been harder than it was before, but we’ve been cracking on and, we are very, happy with our new band so far. We have basically spent the past six months writing and recording - so, to be honest, it's been quite fun. For now, we’re keeping busy on group FaceTime’s sending new demos to each other and getting ready for the release of our debut single “Very Fun Times”.

Whilst, you've known each other for a while now. What made you decide to form a band in the middle of a pandemic?

We’ve all been playing together for the past two years on different projects and had all been writing separately before and, during the lockdown. So, all this new music we were writing was the reason for the new band. We couldn’t resist the idea of a new project.

The main talking point now is your debut single 'Very Fun Times'. What is the story behind this track and, what do you hope to achieve?

Our producer had to isolate for a week when we were supposed to record it, so we had the studio to ourselves and we went a bit mad. We got Greg’s cousin to help us out with the horn parts and, that's when the song came to life. It was the most fun we’ve had writing and recording a tune. In terms of achieving something, we want to get our music in front of many people as we can and hopefully, they enjoy it as much as we do.

Spending your best part of your youth playing across grassroots stages - how would you describe your sound to listeners?

With ‘Very Fun Times’, there’s some Ian Dury and late Beatles in there. Each song we have is different from the next. We’ve got a lot more ska and punk influences coming soon.

As this being your debut single, what can fans expect from the band this year and do you have anything exciting planned?

If we can’t get around to gigs and touring, we think some sort of live stream gig would be cool. The Gorillaz one a couple of months ago was brilliant. We can’t see a return to gigs too soon so building up a dedicated fan base with all this music we have recorded, is the main thing we are working towards.

Based in London, who are your favourite rising artists that you think we should be listening to?

We went and saw PVA and Tiña last year at the Old Blue Last and, they were good. We’re looking forward to what they release this year.

Alongside your music work, you are also venturing into the world of Lager and planning to launch Sterling Press official Lager and IPA in association with House of Cans. What is it like doing entrepreneurial work alongside music and, what do you hope to achieve?

It’s something our manager Fergal sorted out for us. He’s a great guy.

Throughout the past year, you've been hustling the music industry for your joys of experimenting with different genres. What has been the highest and challenging moment so far?

The hardest thing is not being able to gig and promote our tunes as we would usually. It was also quite tough taking the leap of faith and starting the new band but, so far, the best moment for us has been the time we spent in the studio writing and recording.

With music in the works and live music insight - how excited are you all to get out back performing?

Buzzing! We want to make the first shows we do as big as we can. We’re planning on bringing a brass band with us on tour and making the gigs we do a massive party.

Finally, what is the dream for the band?

Make some class albums and tour as much as we can.