Norwegian singer-songwriter Skaar is slowly acclaiming to be one to watch of 2021 as she strips away her staple alt-pop soundscapes for the intricate joys of acoustic recordings within her latest project 'Waiting'.

Since her stunning cover of the well-known track 'Scientist' by Coldplay caught the attention of critics, the 22-year-old took 2020 by storm in a surprising yet not shocking manner.

As we sit from the other side of the border and she continues to pave a route that is set to reach the heights of her fellow stars, we spoke to the rising artist about her latest project, what it is like being recognised by a national award and everything in between.

Firstly, congratulations on the release of 'Waiting' - what has the past months been like whilst bringing this work together?

Hello!!! Thank you so much! It has been PRETTY crazy. A lot of work, mostly planning out the album! Been a bit stressed out, but it is so worth it cause I am so proud of the outcome. 🧡

Specifically, what is the main inspiration behind the eight-track project, and what do you hope to achieve from it?

My main inspiration was just suddenly getting a lot of songwriting inspiration in December 2020. Felt like I had cracked a code in my brain, and that made me want to do something that just gave me a lot of energy and joy! So, making an acoustic album felt like the most natural thing on the planet to do.

As we talk about the inspiration of 'Waiting', and recorded in the space of nine days, what is your favourite track and why?

It’s very hard to choose because I feel like my favourite shifts every other week ha-ha! Right now, I think it is ‘Breathe' though!

Being it your second release of a larger project - what differs from your debut EP, The Other Side of Waiting and do you believe that you have grown as an artist the past year?

I think the biggest difference is that I am older now and that I’ve worked with musical projects for a longer time than when I started working on my first EP. While I was growing into my role in that process - this time, I knew right away what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to be. So, I guess just growing older and being more experienced now makes it easier to make decisions and taking control of my own project!

On the other hand, you have nominated for Best Pop Artist and Best New Artist at Spellemanprisen - known as the Norwegian Grammys - what has that feeling been like to be recognised for your work, and what would you do if you win?

Hahaha yes! It is very weird to me, to be honest, because I didn’t think people noticed me in 2020! I was so isolated (like everyone else), so it was a big shock when I got recognised in a way! I am so thankful for it though, and very proud.

With acclaim recognition in your hometown and slowly gaining an international following, what would you do if you gained nominations from the likes of The Brits and MTV Europe Music Awards?

That is something I have never thought of! My goals always shift as I go, and when I was younger, I cared a lot more about awards and stuff like that. But now I want to make music that I love, and that feels like me, and I have so many visions for what I want to achieve. But I would, of course, be happy!

Just as we bring up international acclaim and live performances are slowly coming back - what is the dream tour and why?

Hard to say. But first, I want to tour Europe. Want to see all the places, go to London, Paris, Berlin and so on! I want to meet the people listening to my music and go to places I’ve never been to!

Within your latest project, you collaborated with Norwegian star iris - who are your top three rising artists who you think we should listen to?

Good question! There are SO many artists I want to mention, but to make it easier I will go with Norwegian artists! I would say dePresno, Askjell and Moyka. And of course, my babu Iris!

Elsewhere, as you've experienced the highs and lows of emerging through the music industry first hand - what advice would you give to someone who's only just starting?

BE YOURSELF! As cliche as it sounds, it’s the easiest and most important advice I could give.

Finally, what is the plan for 2021 - do you have any secrets you could spill?

Hehehe! I’m going to write a lot of music, release more music and hopefully play concerts again. FOLLOW ME FOR MORE HEHEHE

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