Meet… Salt Ashes

Introduced to the music scene back in 2016 with her self-titled debut album, London based Salt Ashes wants to do more than just releasing music.

Raised in Brighton and now within the bustling heart of the capital city, Veiga Sanchez aka, Salt Ashes, is slowly becoming one to watch for her combination of refreshing yet dark tendencies to the genre of pop. Whilst bringing a set of new music to the table, Ashes also finds herself delving into a plethora of themes that affect you and me.

With her second single, 'Love, Love' already enjoying the rays of listeners, Ashes is now gearing up her highly anticipated sophomore album. Fulfilled with sass, love and lust, Ashes even noted: "You should want to dance, laugh and cry throughout."

In our latest Meet... feature, Salt Ashes talk about her latest work, what's to come, equality within the music industry and being everywhere in the future.

Firstly, congratulations on your latest single, 'Love, Love' - what has the past week been like for you as an artist and what's next?

It’s been great being able to get a song that I wrote in 2017 out! I actually thought it would never be released, so it’s nice that it’s finally out in the world. I also love seeing and hearing people’s reactions to the work I put out. If it resonates with just one person, then this makes me happy.

Delving into the emotions of unrequited love, what inspired you to tell this story, and do you believe it has achieved what you were hoping for?

It was inspired by a previous relationship I had with a friend. One where I was freaking out that we could end up ruining our beautiful friendship if it didn’t work out. Towards the end, I was questioning myself and what I wanted against the fact that the relationship felt good.

Being your second single from your upcoming sophomore album, what secrets can you spill, and what can fans expect?

I usually hate selling myself and my work, but I think it’s a great album. You should want to dance, laugh, and cry throughout. Expect a mix of big 80’s synths to sad strings to acoustic guitar.

Continuing that refreshing, dark edge to your music, how would you personally describe your sound?

Like The Knife and Madonna on Xanax.

Looking at how it all started, from bursting into the Brighton music scene to releasing the addictive debut album in 2016, how did Salt Ashes start, and what influenced you to pursue music?

I went to BIMM in Brighton to do a vocal course which was when I became serious about making a career in this industry, but I’ve always wanted to sing from the moment I could. It’s been a long journey of learning and discovering that there are no limits in music if you drive and don’t stop for anyone.

Whilst growing up, who were the artists that you looked up to and who are you listening to right now?

Growing up, I listened to the likes of Madonna, Nirvana, Spice Girls, Coldplay, Change, Lauryn Hill. Now I'm loving Jungle, Polo & Pan, Parcels, Grimes, Black Honey.

On the other hand, you are a vocal advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and equal opportunities - what do you hope to see change within the music industry, and what advice would you give to someone who's just starting?

I want people to stop assuming anything about anyone. Assumptions put people in boxes without them even doing anything. We also need to see more female feeling producers, sound engineers, technicians given the same opportunities and men. There are many insanely talented womxn out there, and they need to be allowed to shine.

Finally, where do you see Salt Ashes next?


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