Meet... Robert Grace

Through the inner world of pop music, Robert Grace is becoming the next Irish artist to

dominate the world.

Following the years of honing his craft, Robert Grace took 2020 by storm. With a boastful of over 16.5 million streams to date, number one spots within the charts and now signed to Sony Records - Robert Grace might not be looking too far in the future, but we sure know where he will be.

As he continues his high rise into the music scene, his partnered offering with Norwegian superstar Emma Steinbakken once again proves that laidback soundscapes breezed between distinctive vocals win over the hearts of critics.

Whilst he becomes a star, and I, on the other hand, binge-watch the latest hit on Netflix, we caught up with the rising singer-songwriter to talk more about 'Self', how it all started and the plans for what's next.

Congratulations on your latest single, 'Self'. How has the past week been like for you, and what do you hope before the end of 2021?

Thanks so much! It’s been great. The feedback has been incredible. Planning on releasing at least one more track before the end of the year & working towards finishing my album.

Delving into the inner monologue that tries to ruin every good situation you put yourself in - what inspired you to journey this story, and do you think it achieved what you wanted it to be?

I feel like a lot of people battle their inner monologue and find it very difficult to overpower it, so I just wanted to let those people know that they’re not alone.

In addition, you worked with the Norwegian artist Emma Steinbakken; how did this relationship come together and what was the reason for you wanting her to feature?

My management originally had suggested Emma for the duet & after I heard her voice, I was completely in agreement! We contacted her & her team to see if she would be interested, and after a couple of Zoom calls & DMs, everyone was on board & loved the idea!!

Hitting back on the music scene back in 2016, what inspired you to pursue music, and what was that one inspiration that made you move forward?

I’ve always loved music; I feel like it’s the only thing I’m good at. I don’t have any hobbies. Music is everything to me. Heavily inspired by my family.

Now boasting over millions of streams, number one spots on Irish charts and signed to Sony Records, how would you describe your journey within music, and what do you dream next?

It still doesn’t seem real to me! Keep feeling like I’m going to wake up from a dream. I hope for continued success so I can keep doing what I love to do.

Speaking about Sony Records, how did this come together, and I bet emotions were running high when you found out?

10 days after I released my song “Fake fine”, we got our first offer from a label. Then it got crazy!! Little bit of a bidding war, but Sony had everything we wanted, so it was an easy choice in the end.

On the other hand, with a series of single gracing your presence these past years, can fans expect a bigger project and is there any secrets you could spill?

I mean there’s an album in the making, but that’s all I can say right now!!

Finally, with storming the music world, where do you see Robert Grace in five years?

I find it hard to look that far in the future, but I plan to see myself at a global level of success.

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