Meet… Red Moon

From one country to the next, rising Norwegian artist Red Moon is becoming the star we didn't know we needed.

After the release of her stunning debut single 'Dogma', the emerging singer-songwriter took 2020 by her stride in a mess of the pandemic, and as the year came to an end, she gave us a little early treat with her debut EP Phase I: XI that has put her on the music map. With already scooping onto the same management team as Aurora and Sigrid, Red Moon is becoming the next wonder star to come out of the oaths of Norway and send shockwaves across the world.

With the second stage of her music underway, Vibez caught up with the artist to talk about her latest track 'Thirsty', her breakthrough year and what to expect next.

Let's go straight into your latest release, 'Thirsty' - what can you tell us about this track, and how have your fellow fans reacted to it?

'Thirsty' exudes passion, drive, and freedom. It describes the feeling that anything is possible with this person you share an undeniable connection with; when your gut tells you that there is a future, you will share together. You want to see where this spark will lead you to. To me, it’s a playful and curious song about queer expression, sensuality and a little psychedelic magic too.

Being a stunning ode to the human connection of life and the intensity it brings - what inspired you to delve into this story?

I think the feel and tone was set by the guitar riff Odd Martin was playing, everything else just came along naturally. The drive in the production and the cheeky raw feel to the lyrics makes me feel empowered for so many reasons.

In the song, I’ve taken inspiration from rare few connections I’ve made over the last few years. And you know, once you’ve felt that mutual spark with the person in the room, nothing else matters. It’s this ride or die, you’ve met your person who speaks “the same language” in all sorts of ways. You can’t explain the connection, you just know it. 'Thirsty' was written in a time before the pandemic, so now it's given a new meaning, for all the new things we are thirsting for.

Speaking about the connection between personal lyricism with the delicate yet stunning production of indie-pop, how would you describe your sound, and what do you want to achieve from your music?

I like to think of my sound and art as being vulnerable, dynamic, and playful. I love to work with contrasting production and find new textures in my voice. I’m aiming to give myself the space for new genres and expressions. Some styles feel closer to me than others, but I like to think I write each song as their own little universe that has its own purpose. That gives me the opportunity to discover as many sides within myself as a songwriter. That is also a big part of why I have my songs in different “Phases''. They are just a reflection of a certain time or emotion we experience.

Now looking back at your debut release 'Dogma' and previous experience of attending a music academy and travelling between countries - what influenced you to pursue music?

I can’t really say it was only one place or person that made me pursue music. It was a snowball effect, as there have been many people who have supported me.

My dad helped me kick start by investing in my keyboard so I could write songs. My music teacher pushed me to sing in front of the class, which encouraged me later to sing at an open mic. That opened doors that made me play smaller gigs with some fellow jazz musicians. I later worked with my former management from Basel, they introduced me to write with other producers from Berlin, and by then, I had a new partnership with my two Publishers. I’ve been able to work with many amazing and talented people the last few years because of the ones that saw my potential and the drive and love I have for music.

From breaking into 2020 to your debut EP Phase I: XI, you've taken the past year by storm, but how would you describe it, and would you have done anything differently?

I am really proud of Phase I: XI and how the sound and art visuals are. I don’t think I would’ve done anything differently. If Covid19 wouldn’t have happened, lots of things could have been different though. To quote Kanye: “I guess we’ll never know."

In addition, being part of the same management team as Sigrid and AURORA, do you feel there's a sense of pressure to reach the heights of your fellow stars, or are you someone who wants to create their own journey on their own terms?

I think a great team can only happen when they see their artists' unique needs and dreams. Sigrid and Aurora share the same manager but not the same sound. I think that speaks for itself and says a lot about Made and mostly about the artist's visions. I feel encouraged by the achievements both have reached, and I’m lucky to have found people who work really hard and help set my visions and art to life.

Further, following your latest single, 'Thirsty', what else do you have planned for 2021, and what can fans expect this summer?

You can expect to get some more songs very very soon, and I’ve got a music video for my latest single, “Thirsty” that will be out 10th of June.

Finally, where do you see Red Moon next?

I see Red Moon touring soon, making more phases, and being able to travel to other places.

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