Meet... Rebecca Lou

Though she won't be hitting the UK roads till next year, Rebecca Lou is becoming a fast riser within the music scene as she continues to break the boundaries with her sophomore album Heavy Metal Feelings.

Following the routes of the doom pop, she grew from launching her career in 2018, the Lolland, Denmark born and raised steeps an upward trajectory from her debut EP Skeletons to her latest album that proves to be her best work to date. Alongside the singles of the hard-hitting 'The Destroyer' and addictive 'Bad Heart' to the lead single, 'Lovesick', Heavy Metal Feelings is a nine-track project that shows Lou is heading straight into her element.

As she endures a year of the ups and downs of the music industry, Lou continues to blend a genre of sounds that fit into a perfect mould of sharing her emotions. Through the works of trashy punk and gloomful guitars, Lou also holds sweet tendencies of modern pop that overall share aesthetics that are too hard to ignore.

With 2021 coming to an end, we caught up with ones to watch Rebecca Lou about her latest album Heavy Metal Feelings, her sound evolving, being yourself and what 2022 holds.

Hey, how are you, and congratulations on the release of your sophomore album Heavy Metal Feelings. What have the past few weeks been like for you, and what does this latest project mean to you?

Thank you so much! I feel like this is a very important period of my life right now, both creatively and personally, and I feel very grateful for all the support I'm receiving at the moment. This album means especially a lot to me because I somehow feel like this is the first time in my life, I’ve had the courage to truly trust myself as an artist and songwriter and felt the process and the music turned out really authentic to me. And that's a great feeling.

Delving into the motivations of reclaiming autonomy in your own life and finding something authentic inside yourself, could you tell us a little more about the inspirations and influences behind the album?

Heavy Metal Feelings is a very autobiographical album about a period in my life where I felt lost and needed to change the direction and perspective of what I was doing with my life, my relationships, and my music. I guess it's a classic “coming of age” album in some ways. I’m a person that often feels like when life becomes too static, it's because I need to redirect myself. It can sometimes be a mechanism for escaping hard stuff, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and moving on from the past.

Bringing a new taste to pop-rock, how long did it take for the project to

come together compared to previous work, and how would you describe the creative process?

My producer Søren and I are a really good match, we both are well known in the rock n roll and punk scene and grew up with it, and I think that made it more fun to break the rules and look for the feeling and energy of rock n rock in the vibe of the songs, more than a sound specifically.

From the stadium worthy single 'Capitalism Kills' to hit track 'Lovesick', which is your favourite track and why?

My favourite track of the album changes all the time. Today my pick would be “Lovesick”. I was doing an interview earlier today and listened to the song, and it just made me so happy. It's a very positive song and can really lighten my vibe. Huge positive party anthem! I recommend listening to it loudly; make your ears bleed.

Overall, what do you hope listeners will gain from the stories told on the album, and does it achieve what you planned it to be?

The songs on the album are very emotional and somewhat sad, but I still hope that it gives the listener a feeling of hope in their own life. I wrote these songs from my own experience of trauma, and I need to find some self-care and kindness towards my situation, so I guess if that shines through to someone else listening, my job is fulfilled.

Now looking at how it started with your debut EP Skeletons in 2018, what influenced you to pursue music, and when did you know this path was for you?

I’ve never really thought of doing anything else, to be honest. I kinda knew from an early age that music was my path. I used to book shows for touring bands a few years back and really enjoyed it, so I feel like no matter how my life turns out, I’ll always be involved with music to some extent.

With now boasting multiple singles, EPs, and albums under your belt, how would you say your sound has evolved throughout your career to this point?

There is less anger and more vulnerability that shines through my music at this stage, and I think that I'm less afraid of the grandiose pop melody, if that makes sense. I feel more confident in being myself and not letting a certain sound determine the writing, but what comes naturally.

Looking ahead to your upcoming UK tour, which is literally around the corner, what can fans expect, and how excited are you to perform again over here?

Unfortunately, my UK tour has been postponed, but I’m looking forward to the tour in the UK in 2022. Keep an eye out on my social media for future details about upcoming shows.

Before we end, what has been the most important thing you have learnt throughout your career?

Be yourself and be fearless. That's where your artistry and personality will shine through the brightest. It's easier said than done but worth the work with both yourself and your music.

And finally, where is next for Rebecca Lou, and what's expected for 2022?

At the moment, I’m back in the studio writing new demos and really excited for what is next for me.

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