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Leeds alt-pop trio, Polo, continue to prove against the odds as they enjoy the release of their debut album, A Place Between States, and now are ready for the months of 2022.

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Emerging onto the music scope with their debut EP Alice back in 2017, Polo founded a bonded connection with both musical and current affairs as they share towards listeners eclectic sounds yet at the same time messages about the lives, we live in. Following four years of craft and chaos, Polo now presents to us their best work to date throughout the work of a debut album, A Place Between States.

Fulfilled by the wonders of electric pop, the eleven-track album swims deep within the ideas and concepts we've never seen from the band as they venture into a new era. From the opener 'Erase You' - an addictive twisted industrial take of iio's 'Rapture' - to the hypnotic, pulsating beat of 'Clublight', perfect for the winter’s dancefloor, A Place Between States is from an offering that knows the routes of modern, future music.

With the end of 2021 close, we caught up with the rising trio about their debut album, how it all started and what 2022 holds.

Let's get straight into it! Congratulations on the release of your debut album, A Place Between States. How long has this been in the works, and what does this album mean to you?

18 months in total, and for it to be released is a unique feeling. It’s hard to think that all of the work is over, but it’s nice to have a moment to sit back and breathe.

Exploring ideas & concepts that have never been delved into by the band and previously noted, "every band is defined by their first album; this is us establishing who we are.” What do you want to achieve from this project, and how did you approach it compared to previous work?

We wanted the album to sound like no other artist. The approach was very open; we didn’t want to be restricted by what we thought we were, so we left the Polo idea at the writing studio door and went in as three songwriters trying to create our best work. We created this together then it became Polo first record.

Do you have a favourite song off the album or one that’s particularly meaningful to you?

My (Luke) personal favourite is 'A Sobering Thought', Dan’s is 'Erase You', and Kat’s is 'A Place Between States'. Each song has a little extra part of us, and it’s hard to explain why we love these just that bit more, but we do.

A debut album is a huge landmark in an artist’s career. How has this project helped you to grow as a trio?

We’ve learnt a lot about each other as friends and creatives, and it’s helped us establish a really healthy working routine that ensures everybody is heard and valued.

Looking back at your first ever single, 'Golden Horizons' and following suit with an EP and now a debut album. How did Polo come together and start?

We all met at college, Luke and Kat were making music together under a different name, Dan was working solo on electronic music, and we would often remix each other's work. The music back then was very electronic, and over time we all felt the need to branch out and try new things. Three years later, Polo was formed.

Being influenced and inspired by a range of artists and notions, what was the key moment that affected all three of you to pursue music?

Mine was perhaps the most cliché’ moment in the books. I was 16, and my friend showed me, Bob Dylan, for the first time. Before that, I was playing instruments, but only really as a hobby - this day changed everything for me. I can’t speak for the others, but I’m sure it was something a bit less obvious - Dan

As you enjoy the successes of your latest work, you're already planning a UK Headline Tour for next year. How excited are you to get out there on stage, and what can fans expect from your shows?

It’s honestly so exciting. After 2020, we’re relishing any opportunity to play live, and we’re pumped to play the new tracks. Some of which have never been performed in this way before. The audience can expect a heavy amount of album material, fresh arrangements, and a few other surprises. It’s the best we’ve ever sounded, and we can’t wait to share the experience with our fans.

Showing off to be future stars of the UK music scene, what has been the biggest learning curve of your journey, and what advice would you share for someone who's starting out?

I'd say the biggest learning curve has been understanding and living up to the sheer graft that is required. At times it can feel like the work never stops, especially whilst you’re a smaller band,

and you have other parts of life to juggle.

My advice to someone starting out would be to be in it wholeheartedly, discover what you’re about and be authentically you.

Finally, what does 2022 hold and what is the dream for Polo?

2022 is when we take the record to the road! We’ll be on tour in Feb and will be bringing our little album to life.

The dream for us, like it always has been, is to keep growing, keep connecting and just to be signed by a major label... just kidding... we love being independent babes!

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