Meet… mp.oxford

Danish newcomer mp.oxford is becoming the summer hit we didn't know we needed.

Only emerging onto the music scene last year, the Copenhagen based DIY R&B pop artist is slowly racking up the hits for his sweet slo-mo jam that take you away from your problems as you drive into the sunset.

With his debut EP external heartdrive joying the rays of listeners, Vibez caught up with the growing artist to talk about his latest work, Denmark music scene what is next for mp.oxford.

Firstly, congratulations on the debut EP external heartdrive. What has the past week been like, and how do you feel now it's out in the world?

Thank you, guys! I feel like anybody whose mind has been thinking about the same thing intensely for a year. I’m kind of in between two ferns. On one side, I feel amazing and I'm excited to see and hear people listen to my music. And on the other side, it’s ambivalent – It’s done. Out there, end of a chapter. So, I’m trying slowly to figure out how to start the next one.

Hitting on the music scene with your debut track 'riptide' back in 2020 - what inspired you to pursue music, and how would you describe the past year in one sentence?

I love sounds. I have always used music as an escape. And as a teen, I found words and lyrics to express things I was going through – and with music, it just comes alive for me. And I want to pursue that feeling for life.

This past year has been extremely overwhelming, as I have been able to share my music with the world, and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring!

Speaking of external heartdrive, the track 'places' stand out from the rest, and as you delve into the feeling of losing the one you love; what inspired you to journey this story, and do you think it achieved what you wanted it to be? Further, what can you tell us about the overall work and themes of the project?

The song ‘places’ is me trying to put words and music to a feeling of escape from the memories, and physical places of your former loved one. I wanted the tempo, but the melancholic energy, and make sure people could connect with it by doing a vibey chorus.

I mean. Every song on the EP is made from the same drive and inspiration from exactly, what I was feeling at these precise moments.

Going through a heartbreak is freaking tough. And the music was part of my process, and I wanted to engage people in that – it’s important to talk about and emphasize because it’s something most of us go through.

On the other hand, out of the eight tracks, which one is your favourite, and why?

‘life in the morning’. No doubt. In one track, that sound sums my musical identity up as of right now. I feel very connected to that. It’s divided into three different pieces. It’s me trying to convince myself that everything is okay – but underneath it’s just a lie that I’m confronting.

‘eject’ the outrolude to me is also a favourite. Freja Kirk and ANYA complete this project amazingly. The song tries to communicate a simple message: It’s okay we didn’t last – but you will always have a special place with me. And that message could be told by either part. And I feel it was perfect to have ANYA and Freja on this.

Being based in Copenhagen, what secrets can tell us about the music scene, and how does it compare to others?

There are many secrets. Danish music in our native language has grown immensely in the past years on the charts – which is cool!

But if I should tell you the biggest secrets on artists writing in English in Denmark, I would recommend Coco O and Erika De Casier. Enormous talent.

The Copenhagen scene is much smaller than, for example, the London and LA-scene. I feel like everyone is kind of one call away. Many writers and artists, therefore, work together. That must be the biggest difference I would say.

With each country in different steps of live music and you debuting last year - how excited are you to travel the world, and where's the dream location?

I want to get my music out as far as possible. I’m dreaming of shows in England, America and Germany. But Asia too is something. Would be amazing to travel that far with my music.

But in realistic terms – It’s going to be nice just to go into the whole live thing and create a live show that resonates with me and the EP. I want to do something that people can dwell at as an audience.

Finally, what is next for mp.oxford?

Figuring what’s next. That’s what’s next. New music in the soon future. Looking forward to the next pages.

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