Meet... Litany

Yorkshire raised singer-songwriter is rising through the ranks for her quintessential 90s pop that crafts personal yet universal tracks.

From her breakthrough single 'Bedroom' that surpassed 25 million streams to her latest single 'Starsign' - Litany merges elements of alt, indie and DIY into potent, far-reaching pop with a vibrant vibe. With addictive, captivated singles, Litany has captured a hone for live shows that are quickly becoming a statement for her artistry. Alongside Reading and Leeds festival under her belt, Litany is preparing her 2021 UK and Ireland headline tour that will see her perform under the lights of Heaven.

Raised in Harrogate, formerly known as Beth Cornell, Litany is becoming a star to watch. Luckily for us, we were able to catch up with the artist about her latest single 'Starsign', her love for Florence + The Machine and what's her top spot of her bucket list.

Firstly, how are you and what has been the coolest thing that you have learnt over lockdown?

I’m doing a lot better for putting music out! Lockdown has been the weirdest time, hasn’t it? Right back at the beginning, whilst the world was baking banana bread, my boyfriend and I decided to start writing a cookbook to document our culinary triumphs during the quarantine. I was certain that my skills peaked at pesto pasta but, a couple of phenomenal curries later, it seems I massively undersold my kitchen abilities.

At what point in your life did you decide to pursue music and, how would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard of you?

I’ve always loved singing, performing and writing music, even from a very young age. I was nicknamed Adele Cornell in high school because I never shut up. I don’t think I started pursuing it properly, however until seemingly by chance, a song I released six years ago went viral online. At that point me and my then bandmate decided to build a studio from the ground up, get shitty jobs and try and make it happen. Must’ve done something right because it all seems to be going rather swimmingly now! I once described my music as ‘boppy, poppy and sometimes soppy’ and, I don’t think there is a more accurate description available.

You have recently released your first offering of 2020 with your new track ‘Starsign’how have your fans reacted and what is the story behind it?

Starsign is a summary of the painstaking five years (ish) of being a single, career-driven woman. I’d go through crippling yet fleeting periods of loneliness and in the height of feeling sorry for myself, would often download an online dating app. Most of the time, it was a sack of shit and would delete it after mindlessly scrolling for two hours whilst sobbing into a glass of wine. Other times, you stumble upon an Adonis. I’m talking tens across the board but, you end up fucking it up because ultimately, you’re not ready for commitment. My fans and I must be alike here because the majority of messages I’ve received have been like “OMG this is my life rn”. The reaction to the song has been overwhelmingly positive, I was a little nervous putting something out whilst the world is still in meltdown mode but, I needn’t have worried it seems!

Rising through the ranks of Yorkshire, who did you aspire to be when you were younger and have your influences changed over time?

If we’re not counting my obsession with Avril Lavigne from age 9 to 13, the first artist I became devoted to was Florence + The Machine. Leeds was my closest city growing up and, they have always had such a vibrant music scene, I remember going to see her at Leeds’ Cockpit (RIP) when I was 15 and absolutely lost the plot. Every hair on my body was standing to attention and, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was in love with her or just completely in awe of her talent. A decade later I’m still unsure but, I do know that she is still my no.1.

With music constantly evolving, what is the one thing you’ve learnt about yourself through music?

Trust. Your. Gut.

Your biggest track to the date is your breakthrough single ‘Bedroom’ which surpassed twenty-five million streams - when you released it, did you ever think it would do so well and what is the dream for future tracks?

Absolutely not, I never *dreamed* it would do this well, it’s mental. I mean, it’s a banger so totally deserves it but I’d love for my next body of work to scale those heights, I think they’re some of the best songs I’ve ever written - can’t wait to release them for all to hear (and stream relentlessly)!

With ongoing uncertainties, you had to reschedule your UK and Ireland headline tour that will see you perform at Heaven in London - how excited are you to perform live again and seeing fans?

This was such a hard pill to swallow at the time. Before you go on tour, you have to egg yourself on. It’s an adrenaline rollercoaster and, so much prep goes into it behind the scenes. My band, crew and I were really sad to ultimately cancel the tour last month. It was the last thing I wanted to do especially as the whole thang almost sold out! I speak for all of us when I say we CANNOT WAIT to get back on the road when this is all over. I miss all my lovely fans very very much.

Who are some of your favourite rising stars in Yorkshire, that you think we should be listening to?

This star has already risen but, if anyone is not familiar with my beautiful friend Billie Marten and her beautiful voice, you need to get to know. She’s a fellow Yorkshire lass who makes music that soothes the soul.

With new music in the air, will there be another EP or even maybe a debut album on its way?

Eventually, the plan is to write an album but, before lockdown, I had a super successful couple month of writing and wrote a series of singles. Not a single one of them is a b-side or album track in my mind so I intend to release them all separately and feed the children.

Finally, what is the top spot on your bucket list?

Perform a live show in Hobbiton, New Zealand that people can stream from all over the world. I’m the biggest Lord of The Rings fan in the world, oh my god, I would die.

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