Meet… I Am Boleyn

London based new addition to synthpop has released her highly anticipated single 'Another Me'.

Whilst spending her time between London and Stockholm, I Am Boleyn (formerly known as Lydia Bayliss) has combined 80s retro synths alongside the modern look of electro-pop; that has led to becoming a rising star in the mix.

Following the success of 'Too Much' and 'Just Friends' to selling out shows across America, I Am Boleyn is looking forward to what the future holds next.

Firstly, how have you been and, what have you got up to over the past few months?

I’ve been good! I got a new puppy, like a lot of people over lockdown (!) and he is the best little guy ever. He has me up early in the morning, but I love him to bits.

You released your first track 'Too Much' back in 2019, could you tell us a bit more about how your music career started?

I have been songwriting and singing since I was at Uni, playing at parties and venues in London. I came up with my stage name after I started writing in Stockholm a few years ago. The sound is very influenced by that nostalgic take on retro the Swedes specialise in!

How would you describe your sound, and as your music evolved, have your influences changed?

I would describe my sound as SynthPop - there is definitely an 80s inspiration. The sound has changed for sure, that is one of the best elements of music - there are so many genres to explore - your music can change and, develop with you as you change and grow.

Recently, you released your highly anticipated single 'Another Me' - what is the story behind the track and what has the reaction been like?

We wrote this track in LA, just before I did my first show there last year. It was originally more of a ballad, but the production has taken it somewhere else which I love. It is about that fear you feel when you’re falling in love - hoping that you aren't going to mess it up!

You have performed across the world from Los Angeles to Miami, but where has been your favourite place you have performed at?

That is really hard to answer! My show at Piano Bar in New York was special as that was my first show outside of London. I was also lucky enough to open for Buffy Saint Marie at the Union Chapel, which is an incredibly beautiful venue.

Talking about venues, where do you wish to perform next and how much are you missing the whole experience performing live?

Yes, I am really missing performing live. Especially as I had some fun shows I was meant to do. My dream is to do a gig at the Royal Albert Hall one day!

Based in London, who are your favourite artists at the moment that you think deserves our attention?

There are so many great artists out there. Saint Clair is a crazily talented artist, as is Seraphina Simone and Call me Loop.

Within the past few years, you have released a series of tracks from 'Just Friends' to 'In Between', but what has been your favourite so far?

That is so tough!! I do have a soft spot for ‘Limit of Love’ my second single. I love the video we made for it, with my super talented friend Beatrix Blaise.

As 2020 is nearly coming to close, can fans expect anything new from you?

Yes! We have a 7-track album coming out on November 20th! As well as some limited-edition Vinyl - the artwork by Russell Higton is beautiful.

Finally, what is the dream in the coming years?

To keep on making music, I hope that the artistic community isn't hit too hard by this pandemic. We need art to survive!

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