Meet... Fya Fox

Ireland's latest singer-songwriter, Fya Fox, is enjoying the rays of ones to watch and speaks to us about her latest single, 'Need It', the past year and what 2022 holds.

Emerging onto the scene in 2020 with the debut hit track 'White Lies', the rising artist has followed -through with the pulsating 'Sunset' and her latest hard-hitting 'Need It' - all showing off a discography that shows growth from one track to another, but space for years to come.

With taking on influences of Banks to London Grammar, the classically trained vocalist avoids the traditional country/folk she has been surrounded by and plays on the risk of modern soundscapes of emotive alt-pop.

Now the hotly tipped artist is slowly catching the eyes of many and is ready to reach the next step.

Congratulations on your latest single, 'Need It'! I hope you have had a well-deserved break, but what does this release mean to you?

Thank you! It means so much because I never thought I’d be able to have released four singles in the middle of a pandemic!

Delving into the pain of a relationship and realising you're better of solo, do you believe 'Need It' achieves the story you wanted to tell your listeners?

Yeah, I really think 'Need It' takes the listener on a journey of self-realisation. That feeling of moving past toxicity and saying, “I don’t need to have this s**t in my life”!

Following your hit tracks 'BODY', 'Sunset' and now 'Need It', 2021 has been quite the year for you, but how would you describe it?

It’s been surreal! Absolutely blown away by the reaction with each release!

Looking back at how it all started with your debut 'White Lies', what were your main influences in pursuing music?

I’ve always been singing, and deep down, I knew I wanted to pursue music in some form. But I also knew that if I was doing this thing, that I wanted to write my own original music.

From taking on Ireland country/folk scene and being a classically trained vocalist to being influenced by the likes of London Grammar and Lana Del Rey, how would you personally describe your sound?

Short, sweet, but deadly! Ha-ha! I've never realised how short some of my tracks were until I was putting a setlist together! My sound definitely fits into the electro/alternative pop scene.

Talking about the Ireland music scene, who are your favourite rising artists?

Ireland has such a diverse hub of rising artists at the minute. It’s really exciting! Some that I’ve been following for a while are APRIL, Lenii and Tolü Makay.

Further, with being a rising artist yourself, what advice would you give out to someone who's just about to begin in music?

Be patient! Like, have a lot of patience! And keep perfecting your craft.

Finally, with a series of tracks to your name. What do you hope to bring to 2022, maybe an EP, or is there any secrets you could spill?

Definitely more music! A body of work might be on its way, but you’ll have to wait and see. Live gigs! I really want to get out playing these tracks live and see the reaction from an audience.

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