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Meet... Flynn

Ireland rising star, Flynn is flying through the stars with his debut EP 'One of Us'.

Gracing listeners with hit singles 'One of Us' and 'B-Side' throughout 2020 as he states his position within the music industry; Flynn has become a pop star in the making through his blend of alt-pop and dynamic chart-bound energy.

In addition to his earlier releases, a stand-out single 'Selling Me Love' takes on a modern update on the sounds of 'B-Side'. Taking hip-hop influences, Flynn has crafted a dash of funk that is melded, with lively choruses. On the other hand, the EP is completed, with an intimate piano ballad that allows listeners to seep through the life of the artist and the tropical soul of 'Young'.

From Tomorrowland to travelling between London to Bristol and his hometown Mullingar, Flynn has emerged as a young artist who proves dreams can come true.

Firstly, how are you and what has been the weirdest thing that has happened to you throughout the lockdown?

I’m good thanks! Probably trying to shoot a full music video for one of my songs at home with zero experience at that sort of thing!

Born, and raised in Mullingar to then moving to Bristol and then London and back - what has that journey been like at such a young age?

It’s been a real eye-opener for me if anything. I’ve put myself in some really challenging situations and, I’ve learned a lot about myself as a result. I wouldn’t have had it any other way, no regrets!

Throughout your music career, you have always had a part-time job whilst pursuing music, do you believe especially in these times that there's enough support for artists?

I think there could be more support for sure, It’s a really hard time for everyone right now but for people who have relied on nothing but their creative talents to get by and have nothing else to fall back on It’s particularly tough!

Whilst growing up, what inspired you to pursue music and have your influences changed over time?

I’ve always wanted to prove to myself that I can do this, It’s not easy and, I’ve always been driven by the challenge I guess. Writing music has always been a great form of expression for me too and, that’s always inspired me to pursue it more and more. It’s really got me through some tough times.

A key, moment of you starting was your friend putting your name forward into a songwriting competition - would you say that was a huge stepping stone to your career?

Absolutely yeah, that whole thing opened a lot of doors for me and put my name out there which was great!

One of the standout moments of your career was your first collaboration with Lost Frequencies, which led to a performance at Tomorrowland - how would you describe that experience in one sentence?

Just that it was a very surreal experience, not one I’ll be forgetting any time soon that’s for sure

Based in Mullingar now, who are your top three rising stars you think we should be listening to?

The Academic

The Blizzards

Fallen Lights

Recently, out of nowhere, you have released your second collaboration with Lost Frequencies - could you tell us a little about the track 'You' and how important is it for you to have strong relationships with other artists?

It’s a song about small-town love and how powerful it can be. Felix (Lost Frequencies) brought it to life and, I am very happy to be doing another track with him. It's great to know artists like Felix, he’s had a lot of success and, it's healthy and inspiring for me to be around people like that.

Throughout 2020, you have been busy releasing new music and rising through the ranks - what has been your favourite bit minus the pandemic?

Just the reaction my music has been getting. I’ve been blown away by the support and love everyone has been showing me. It’s been really reassuring during these times!

Finally, do you have anything planned before 2020 ends?

My debut EP comes out today (23rd October) so, I’ll be spending the rest of 2020 promoting that.