Following his hit single, 'No Drama' - Vibez caught up with the London-based Doktor to talk about the importance of his Jamaican heritage, what we can expect in months to come, and his dream to collab with Major Lazer.

From hearing Wiley and Dizzee Rascal on the radio to now setting the heights high, the rising M.C. is on the cusp of something special as he gains attention from across the board. With infectious productions and feel-good dancehall beats, the independent artist has found his natural element.

Firstly, congratulations on your latest track, 'No Drama'. What has the reaction been like from fans and, how would you describe the past few months of 2021?

Thank you! The reaction has been really good on my first release this year, constantly receiving videos of people vibing to the track. In a month, It's done 330k views on my YouTube channel so far, so happy with the rate it's going.

Throwing back to the start of your career, what influenced you to pursue music, and have you always wanted to be an artist?

It all started from hearing Wiley and Dizzee Rascal on radio mc’ing. I’ve still got the tape packs I have recorded from standing in one position holding the antenna to make sure I pick up the best signal. From then, I knew I wanted to be an mc.

On the other hand, you're known for channelling your heritage within your artistry. How important is your family and, have they always been supportive of your work?

I was born and raised in Jamaica, so my heritage is everything to me, and family is everything. I go back to Jamaica at least twice a year. Being brought up listening to reggae and dancehall, so channelling that energy over to the music I do now was just natural. From your family back home, to see you on YouTube - they think you’ve made it.

With 'No Drama' being your first single of 2021, what can fans expect for the rest of the year and, how excited are you to share new music?

I will be releasing two more singles before I drop my album in August. My goal this year is to release my album and to become the first UK dancehall artist to enter the UK charts.

As we talk about upcoming music, how are you going to reach new heights with the pressure of the industry and, we will see a different approach to your music?

Continuing to master my craft, adapt to new styles and staying relevant.

During the pandemic, independent artists have overcome a series of challenges. Specifically, how have you continued to hone your sound and, what advice would you give for someone who's breaking in?

Always try to be the best - with you trying to become the best will deliver the best of you.

From support from the likes of Chase & Status and Ne-Yo, who is your dream collaboration and why?

Major Lazor is next on my list. I know I am currently on their radar by working walshy fire.

Based in London, who are your top three rising artists that you think we should listen to?

Currently, there is Shantiforce, Amaria and Claye. Please do check them out, as they’re amazing.

With your continuous growth into the world of music. What has been the highest and lowest moment of your career and, what have you learnt from those experiences?

My highest moment in music is performing in front of 25 thousand people, or my song being featured on a sports advert with Messi and Neymar.

My lowest, it's hard to think, music has so many ups and downs, and I tend to not take downs as a disappointment but more of a lesson. So, if a single doesn’t do too well, I will look into the analytics of what went wrong, song choice, promo, marketing and then move on from there.

Finally, where do you see Doktor in five years?

Much more top-selling released albums, travelling the world and showing my talent. That’s my plan.

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