Brighton-based singer, songwriter and producer is embarking on one hell of a journey that will see her release her anticipated two-part album.

With being tipped for big things, DEWEY had to put her music career on hold after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After four months of treatment, DEWEY came through and is thankful to be here.

With her beautiful debut single 'Savannah' now out; that owes a debt to a passing of a close friend she made during treatment; DEWEY hopes to explore her experiences for her upcoming project.

Growing up, DEWEY was surrounded by citrus groves, ominous mountains and frequent thunderstorms in the heart of Sóller (a Balearic Island town). She wrote there for three consecutive winters with the ambition to make the kind of record she wishes she might've heard growing up as a queer teenager.

Luckily Vibez was able to catch up with the artist about the life of lockdown, her latest single 'Savannah' and what she has learnt through music.

Firstly, how have you been and what has the life of the lockdown bought you?

I've been very well thank you, riding the waves entering this Pisces Full Moon! I believe it's an important time to construct our best dreams into our waking life! So, you could say I've been doing lots of dreaming and 5D planning. Lockdown has brought me more time to connect with my inner world, to be closer to nature and family; these things I'm extremely grateful for. It's a strange time but I'm thankful for the rest and reflection. I've also been busy flying my drone and making an infinitely awesome music video!

When did you first know you were destined for music and what influenced you to pursue it?

I suppose for as long as my memory can journey, I've always loved music. It was just a very innocent and natural curiosity that led me to start playing and experimenting with music. The pursuit came from a place of obsession and catharsis that making music gives me; it always feels so wonderful to get lost in sound and time and discovering a tool like that in life is wonderful.

Recently you shared your debut single 'Savannah' alongside a beautiful music video - could you explain a bit more about the story behind this track?

When I was 24, I saved up all my gold and went on a life-affirming trip to the USA, travelling from the west to east coast on a greyhound bus, visiting my most beloved music scenes and also working on organic farms. It was a beautiful and inspiring trip and it founded the inspiration for 'Savannah' resisting my return home to the UK. Four years later I was preparing for the release of the track, having just filmed the music video. We shot the music video for ‘Savannah’ literally the day before I was admitted into hospital facing a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. The release of the record was put on hold as I underwent major surgery and chemotherapy, successfully overcoming the illness after 4 months of treatment. So, the video captures this previous version of myself, and as you can imagine, it's a healing process being able to release the music now as I'm deeply thankful to be here. Although the lyrics were written some time ago, they hauntingly echo my experience last year and the profound change that I was about to go through.

Being part of the Queer community, how important is it for you as an artist to represent who you are in music and support others around you?

It's extremely important for me to be completely transparent about who I am. I don't want my sexuality to define my music, however, I am in a privileged position to be able to be open and I hope that this encourages only positive responses for those that are not as fortunate as me. I would have loved to have been able to listen to more queer-identifying musicians singing real, deep love songs about other women, that would have been so rad! I did love me some KD Lang though and still do.

What has been the biggest thing you've learnt so far in music, and what are you hoping to learn or wished you knew before?

I guess never compromise your vision and authenticity. There's ALWAYS more learning to do, I reckon, simplifying my recording equipment has been important, it's easy to overcompensate in thinking you got to have all the best things, but I don't think that's true. I think it's all about vibe and atmosphere, not quality of sound so much when it comes to production.

We've noticed you have announced a two-part album project, could you give us a little insight into what we can expect and how excited are you for fans to hear what you're all about?

Well, I'm naturally excited to share all this music that's been cooking for so long, especially since I wasn't even sure if I'd be able to release it. In terms of the release, it's going to be a two-part album packed full of bangers and vibe so jump on the wagon my friends and toot toot with me!

With ongoing unprecedented times, what advice would you say to someone who's trying to pursue a career in music?

I guess as I said before, don't compromise your art for the sake of others, do your thing your way and try not to get lost down that old road of comparison and judgement. It sounds cliché but just make the music for your love of making music.

Finally, what is your top spot on your bucket list?

I'm thankful for the things I've been lucky to experience so far in my life and collected in my dirty ol' bucket... and don't wish for anything else which means I don't have a bucket list but thank you for asking!

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