Meet...Deep Tan

East London deep tan continue to break down the barriers with their bold, blazing approach to the world of post-punk, and we are here for it.

Following their breakthrough single 'deepfake', the three-piece have taken the past year by storm and continue to reach new heights. Amidst the smoke of lockdown, deep tan make a return with their final track, 'hollow scene' of their debut EP creeping speedwells due for early June.

With already gaining national attention, the rising treble caught up with Vibez to look back at their previous release, 'camelot', their love for Drag Race and what fans can expect from their upcoming shows.

Firstly, how have you been, and what's been the reaction like since the release of 'camelot'?

We’ve been okay. Two-thirds of us have been locking down together, so been busy writing and making the most of this quiet time. Releasing a track during lockdown has at least helped break the monotony.

Even with a pandemic, you took 2020 by storm. With such a year, how are you going to reach those heights this year?

In a pandemic, we can only take things as they come. Going in for the swing, hoping for a home run.

As we talk about the pandemic, did you ever find it challenging some days and, how did you overcome those moments in such a time of despair?

RuPaul’s Drag Race Seasons 10, 12 and 13 - in addition to UK Drag Race Season 2 - have helped beyond measure. Gigi Goode, Jaida Essence Hall, Gottmik, Bimini, Nicky Doll, Symone, and Kandy Muse have all been our lockdown heroes. All the love.

Going back to the old days and emerging through the ranks of East London, how did Deep Tan come alive and, what were those first initial steps into the music industry?

Wafah and Celeste were already living together when Waf started the band and was looking for a bassist. We found Lucy through an Instagram Story, and now we're like sisters.

As a trio, influences are probably coming from left, right and centre but, has there been an individual influence that has affected you as a whole?

If we had to pick one, Robert Smith of The Cure.

Whilst we look back at the past, you have announced your debut EP, 'creeping speedwells' that's due to be out this June. How excited are you for people to hear this debut project and, what can fans expect?

They can expect a horde of clamouring gargoyles, banging at the gates, and more.

As new music is set for the summer and cementing your name across line-ups, how excited are you to perform live again and what's the one thing you can't wait to do on the road?

Causing mayhem in service stations. How we’ve missed her.

Finally, what is the dream?

Free guitars and amps. Here’s looking at you, @Fender and @Orange.

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