Meet...Courtney Cole

Country-pop star, Courtney Cole is paving her own way in the industry with her latest EP 'Earthquake'.

Photo by Michael Brewster

Following the success of her self titled EP and fan favourites 'Ladylike', Courtney has taken the chance with 'Earthquake' to embrace her new surroundings and growth as an artist.

The LA-based artist, who has toured with major artists such as Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney, now hopes to support the one and only Celine Dion and embrace a full-length album.

Luckily Vibez Music was able to catch up with the artist to talk about her latest EP, her new podcast and how it all began.

Firstly, how excited are you for fans to hear your new EP 'Earthquake'?

I am beyond excited! This feels a bit like a full-circle moment for me, and I’m excited to share a very special part of my journey with my fans!

Out of all the tracks, what would you say your favourite track is from the project?

That’s hard… my initial thought would be “Right Direction” because it was such an intimate moment when I wrote it, and so when I listen I am brought back there… but I also love “Earthquake” because I feel like it encompasses my whole healing journey.

Could you tell us a little about the EP, how it came together and what the process was for you?

This EP is all about a healing journey of mine after going through some challenging times that made me question everything happening in my reality. It’s all about learning to find joy in the midst of pain and love in the midst of fear and uncertainty and learning to trust yourself and find yourself in the process. Every song is a diary entry of mine, as I was trying to process all that I was going through.

We have noticed alongside the EP; you are also releasing a new podcast 'The Love Ferq Podcast with Courtney Cole' - could you tell us a little more about it and what we can expect in the future for it?

The Love Freq name is inspired by the musical tuning of 528Hz (compared to our standard tuning of A=440 HZ), which has coined the term “the love frequency” due to its harmonic presence throughout nature, lack of dissonance, and healing properties. In the podcast, I love to discuss the beauty and importance of healing and growing from earth-shattering moments in life and reconnecting with the truest, deepest parts of ourselves to live our most authentic, creative expression. It’s all about living beyond our conditioning and trauma, and reconnect with love. Being that 528Hz is a tuning that brings such healing, I decided to start recording my music in that tuning instead of 440Hz!

Where did it all begin for you as an artist and what inspired you to pursue music?

My parents remember me singing in the car seat before I could even speak, so I think that passion was always in me from a very young age. When I was 5 years old, they put me on stage with my dad at a church talent show, and we sang Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe” and from that moment I was hooked! From then on out, my family has always been very encouraging of me pursuing my dreams, and they are a huge reason for why I still do it today.

You have supported the likes of Miranda Lambert and Kenny Chesney, but what has been your number one experience when supporting on tour?

Oh wow. I would say both of those experiences are equally number one. Miranda is a hero of mine, so travelling the country with her was a dream come true. After I played with Kenny, I got a personal phone call from him and almost fell over dead. It was soooo surreal and soooo awesome.

Talking about going on tour, who would be your dream support act?

I am a huge Celine Dion fan…. If I ever got to open up for her, I probably wouldn’t even be able to walk out on stage, because I’d be dead from sheer excitement. LOL!

With music evolving so much, who would be your top three rising artists in the industry?

Jon Bellion… He’s my fav. Maren Morris and Sam Tinnesz.

What is something you’ve learned about yourselves through making music?

To trust me… I think I’ve always gotten too wrapped up in everyone else’s opinions that I lost my way more times than not! But I realized that when I trust myself, that’s when the most authentic stuff flows out of me and connects the most!

Finally, where do you see yourself in five years and what is the top spot on your bucket list?

I’d love to be back on the road touring consistently, with a headlining tour. I’d love to have a full-length album out, and making music that heals people’s hearts!

Don't forget to check out her latest EP here.

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