With their live EP just around the corner, the Leeds based underground risers BUNKBED are here for the long run and slowly establishing themselves across the Northern music scene.

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Formed around six individuals from all different walks of life with a varied taste in music, BUNKBED have infused a range of influences to create a unique and addictive soundscape that oozes between the oaths of their latest project.

Whilst live music is still in question, BUNKBED have encapsulated their soaring live shows and spoke to Vibez Music about their past year, what it is like growing up in Leeds music scene and everything between 'Who's On Top'.

Firstly, what has the past few months of 2021 been like with the anticipated EP coming out later this month?

Busy. We’ve been playing shows and writing music. A highlight was playing at Hyde Park on the 20th of April.

We’re currently working on a music video for 'Lilyanne' - which you’re going to love. We’ve been thinking a lot about the messages in our music and what sort of sound we’re going to be pursuing next - at the moment, it’s sure to cover a wide range of sounds. Having lots of different writing angles in the band helps us get a mixed and unique sound.

Throwing back to the start of your careers, what influenced you to pursue music together as BUNKBED?

So, I think what made us want to continue with BUNKBED was the feeling that every time we got in the studio and played together, we all had the same feeling - this is fucking great. The sounds we’ve been making, and practising and playing - keep on evolving, and we can’t wait to get them out there and continue to build on them. Aside from that, we’re all bloody good mates, which have been the thing that’s kept us going.

BUNKBED has an incredibly unique sound, even from your previous singles such as “tame blonde”, how important has Leeds been for the group to create your sound?

Leeds has done many things for us; it’s given us a place to inspire our music. Songs like 'Lipstick' and ‘Hyde Park’ are specifically about our experiences here. Along with that, it’s been a place to grow our fan base and having songs that our audience can relate to and turn up to every gig and listen to us meant we’ve established who our fans are and who BUNKBED are.

The EP is a live set which is incredible! What led you as a group to release your first EP as a live performance, and why?

Thanks so much. We’ve been working with some good mates at SKITZ productions, and they gave us the idea of filming a live show during lockdown. With a hard time getting into a studio at the moment, this was a great opportunity for us. We also wanted to show potential labels our ability to play live as an indie rock band. The real energy comes in our shows, and I think a live album works for that. We also want to perfect these songs in a studio over time, but in the meantime, we wanted to get them out for the fans.

As we talk about upcoming music, how are you going to reach new heights with the pressure of the industry and, will we see a different approach to your music?

Recently we’ve had to adapt in any way possible as obviously, the industry is rapidly changing during this time. So, we have been networking as much as possible to gain more contacts within the industry to help us propel to the next goal, which is looking into record labels. A few have already been interested in the band; however, we will continue to push the attention to taking as many opportunities as possible that allow us to grow our fan base.

And we take this fast-paced, constantly changing mindset straight to the music too as we've incorporated a lot of the struggles we're currently facing with the society and the music industry to fuel the creative process, that's how you end up with tracks like 'Who's On Top'.

Which artists have given you inspiration throughout your music careers and why?

We’ve taken a lot of inspiration from many different angles, from the likes of the band Squid, Idles, Rolling Stones, to name a few. We’ve experimented with more of a psychedelic sound combining various tones and using new pedals to give the sound another edge and direction. Coupled with our new muse and message of freedom free thinking during this current time the EP address various issues.

When it comes to lyricism, Idles have been a large influence as they have always stayed true to what's important to highlight in society and what needs improvement. As with too many artists, only sing or talk about materialist shit like girls or money, which is the furthest thing away from what we want to highlight. This band is for the people and a voice for the people. So, we share a similar message with Idles.

We also love Jim Morrison.

With the EP releasing later this month, what can we expect to see from BUNKBED for the rest of 2021?

We’re going to be pursuing a lot of live shows across the country, getting some singles out there, and working on the next albums sound.

We’re coming up to summer and hoping to play a lot outside and get the word out about BUNKBED. We’re starting to grow nicely, so what we want to see is some opportunities to get our music heard on a bigger scale so that we can keen on making more music!

Finally, where do you see BUNKBED in five years?

Headlining Glastonbury!

Words by... Calum Renshaw

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