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Meet...Anna Straker

London based rising star is bringing a fresh sound and unguarded emotions to the music industry; that is setting her out from others.

From her big break in her teens to her debut EP 'Serious', Anna Straker is now embracing a new journey, with her next EP 'Growing Pains' that is out this November. With her latest track 'Good Days, Bad Days' ft Gabrielle Aplin in the air. Anna demonstrates she is embracing new-found artistry that is elevating from spacious radiant beats to electrifying drops. With her instinct for exploring issues which relate to her generation, Anna's new music is going to cement herself within the music industry.

Luckily for Vibez we were able to ask Anna a couple of questions about her rise, her new EP and what's the meaning behind it and wanting to be a 'LIFELONG LEGENG'.

Firstly, how has life been treating you and has anything out of the ordinary happened throughout lockdown?

Hey! Life is a bit weird for me. Some days I love the lockdown and was grateful to slow down and spend time with my family. Others I’m struggling, feeling like there is no point in doing anything. I am one of those people who loves to be busy and doing things, and this definitely stifles my creativity. BUT on the other hand, I feel like I live more freely atm, because everything is so uncertain!

Let's jump into how it all started where you were discovered by Mike Spencer and your first release 'Everybody Knows' in 2015, how did it all happen and what inspired you to pursue music?

I was studying classical music at my local music school back in Lincolnshire when I started posting pop covers on YouTube. When I met Mike, I was so inspired to make pop music and left school for the big city! It was a brave move to leave my friends and family behind, but I was fearless.

Later, you then released your first ever project 'Serious' that led to early praise from Annie Mac and sets at the likes of Glastonbury - what was that like for you as an artist to gain that experience?

Hearing my tracks on the radio and playing big festivals was a dream come true - that is what I miss most about the world right now: live music.

For someone who has not heard of you, how would you describe your sound?

Electronic synth-pop with a defiant vocal.

Based in London, rising stars are coming through left, right and centre - what are your top three that we should be listening to?

L Devine, Dan D’Lion & Josie Mann.

The past few months have been a whirlwind as you release 'London Knows' and 'Good Days Bad Days' - could you tell us a little more about each single and what it was like working with Gabrielle Aplin.

'London Knows' was a really important release for me, it felt cathartic to release something so personal about a sexual assault but felt so relevant for the rest of the world. 'Good Days Bad Days' was like the positive mantra I’d say to help me out of those dark times. Gabby and I have been friends for years she immediately loved the song when she heard it! So it was a no brainer.

Talking about new music, you have also announced your new EP 'Growing Pains' that is out this November - what is your favourite track from the project and what is the story behind 'Growing Pains'?

I think my favourite track is the next single, it’s called Boys Will Be Boys. Growing pains covers a lot of controversial and uncomfortable topics, things I have learned in the past year. I want to be really open and honest with my fans and have conversations about sexism, sexual assault and mental health.

You also signed a new deal with Never Fade Records - how did that happen and what can we expect in the future?

Never Fade are an amazing label, and I feel like I have so much freedom. You can expect new music, new music, new music!

Throughout your years in music, what has been your biggest achievement so far, and what is the one thing you wish you knew beforehand?

I think my biggest achievement was playing the Sonic Stage at Glastonbury. It was incredible. And I wish I could tell my younger self that it’s not a race and to trust your journey.

Finally, what is your lifelong goal?