Meet... Aby Coulibaly

Rising Irish singer-songwriter Aby Coulibaly is gracing our ears with a new glaze of RnB that's sending us crazy.

From her debut single, 'Tarus', to her latest hit 'Long Nights', Aby has taken the past year by storm as she lays down an undertone of success - leading to heights of new accomplishment within 2021.

Whilst live music is still a long way from us, Aby has taken every minute to hone her craft, and luckily for Vibez, we caught with the artist to discuss her influences, setting up a label and what's insight for this year.

Firstly, how have you been since the release of 'Long Nights'?

I’ve been great. The feedback and support have been insane. Also really excited for people to see the visuals.

As we talk about your latest single 'Long Nights', how would you describe the song, and what did you want to achieve from it?

I’d say it’s upbeat and boppy, something you can’t help but nod your head or tap your toe. I know some people are feeling shitty right now with lockdown and, I just felt like people needed an uplifting, catchy song that will make them feel good and hopefully make them dance too.

Whilst growing up in Dublin, what made you swing to Alt-R&B and was there a key influence for you to pursue that route?

I’ve always loved alt R&B, even before I knew there was a name for its years ago. I grew up listening to hip hop and R&B so, that influenced me hugely. I’m still finding my sound because I’m a new artist, although I have a strong idea of what music I like to make. I go into the studio and write whatever I’m feeling that day, whether that’s singing/rapping or both.

You immersed yourself within the music scene in the middle of a pandemic with your debut single 'Taurus'. At the time, what was going through your mind and what set you off to release music?

I never really thought about the fact we were in a pandemic and how it may or may not affect the release. The time was right and, I had just written the song. I knew it had to be my first single because everything about it was so me. I was determined to release a single and, if I waited until the pandemic was over, then I wouldn’t be here - what’s the point in waiting?

Less than a year gone, you have released three singles, but what has been your favourite so far?

'Long Nights' is my favourite so far. I think it’s because of what it’s about and that it’s a feel-good song in general - Moyo killed the production.

At only 21-years-old you have led to creating your own label - Chamomile Records - what has that experience been like, and has it been challenging?

Very exciting, and it’s only the beginning. Shoutout to Mj because he deals with all the shit I hate dealing with, haha but, I don’t think we’ve come across any crazy challenges just yet.

Based in Dublin, who are your top three rising artists that you think we should go and listen to?

Monjola, EFÉ and Kean Kavanagh

Whilst live performances are still in questions - is there any tours insight for you, and what can fans expect?

Nothing but good vibes

With COVID been challenging for all artists - how have you overcome this barrier, and what advice would you give out to others?

Let yourself feel. It’s almost impossible to feel amazing and 100% in top form every single day but don’t be harsh on yourself for it. If the best you can do on your bad days is be unproductive, then be unproductive and don’t kick yourself for it! We all have bad days so; we can appreciate the great ones.

Finally, with 2021 in full swing, do you have anything planned for the months ahead?

With the world's current situation, it makes it difficult to plan things, but my general plan is to release lots more music and, keep creating vibes with the Chamomile fam.

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