Meet…44 Linden

Off the back of their debut single 'Velvet', the described four-storey house in Allston, Massachusetts collective are the anonymous threat we are living for.

Whilst they say we could easily find out who they are, the secret of their identity released would be a sour loss and one we do not want to see.

As they're (apparently) set across the other side of the world, we got to know about 44 Linden a bit more, the reason behind their anonymity and what is in line for them.

Firstly, congratulations on the debut single 'Velvet' - what can you tell us about this track in terms of the overall theme and what were you hoping to achieve from it?

Linden’s a hellhole. There’s a lot of behaviour that went on that was equal parts romantic and rank. Velvet’s got a bit of both of these perspectives. We were not sober enough to have any ambition beyond the basement.

Described as a four-storey house in Allston, Massachusetts, what is the reason for the collective to stay anonymous and will you ever release your identity?

We like the idea of a project that capsules a time and a place that seems more interesting than us as individuals. It’s an experience that a number of us shared in who’ll be dipping in and out of the work that comes out under the name. I think you can find out who we are pretty easy if you wanted to.

With your debut showing signs of dark RnB and interdimensional production, what are 44Linden influences?

Thematically it’s whatever reflections we have on that place, sometimes from the experiences in their present, and sometimes from a distance.

In other news, members of the collective have worked with the likes of Charli XCX, but who is the dream collaboration and why?

Whoever pays the most.

Whilst you are an anonymous collective and live shows reappearing, can we expect live performances in the future?

It’s something we’ve spoken about - we’ll see if the right opportunity presents itself.

Finally, what is next for 44Linden?

You know just as much as we do.

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