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Mayson Lear Masterpiece: 'Just Won't Call'

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The 21-year-old singer from Kent has bought us alt-pop perfection.

Singer and songwriter, Mayson Lear, catches the right mark with 'Just Won't Call' with upbeat beats and attractive melodies which are layered together to create a truly inspiring single.

The mechanical, catchy beat repeats through the single which work along well with the deep tone of his vocals; leading to the single being on repeat by its listeners.

Mayson Lear is a magician when it comes to songwriting as he allows his listeners to peek into his world and join him on his journey of adult growth. This is depicted throughout 'Just Won't Call' as the artist told the true meaning of the song to Vibez: "The track stemmed from someone I was dating. It all started as just as a bit of fun then he caught feelings and I didn't." He continued: "The verses represent all of the positives about the situation and the parts that should have made me want to take things further but then the pre-chorus is kinda 'but I'm just not feeling it'. That then leads into the chorus where the lyrics are 'yeah sorry but I'm not gonna call you back, not even when I'm feeling lonely.' "

Throughout the single, fans of the tune can personally connect to the lyrics as the artist has carefully written and produced a song which is on everyone's mind.

With only a few songs out, Mayson Lear is not scared to try something different and we can't wait to see what he brings next.