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Mawpit - 'Cittàgazze'

Alt-rock power trio Mawpit, are back with a grunge-drenched love song, inspired by the storyline of 'His Dark Materials' by Philip Pullman.

With ethereal guitar riff and captivating productions, the Cardiff-based band lure listeners into the singer and lyricist Cait inspirations of the lovers of Lyra and Will promises. Alongside, the rock dreamy soundscape, the chorus lyrics with her delicate vocals, pleads "Our love's a ghost, I hold it close, I feel it start to fade, Sit next to me just out of reach, I wish you could have stayed."

With influences of punk-rock blended with pop, Mawpit latest single 'Cittàgazze' proves they don't shy away from experimenting as they bring to the table a brighter side of their sound.

From one single to another, Mawpit year has been quite the one and 2021 could follow.