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Mattis - 'Enough of My Love'

Copenhagen former punk rocker Mattis is switching it around with a gleaming take on alt-pop within his latest offering, 'Enough of My Love'.

Known within the underground music scene and slowly weaving into the dominant world of music, Mattis continues to follow the successes of his previous single within 2021 and breaks through with a sense of vulnerability throughout an upbeat, characteristic soundscape that's juxtaposed by the honest but raw lyricism.

As it captures the heart of fans, listeners alongside are treated to a stunning rendition of the famous track 'Everywhere' by Fleetwood Mac and adds: "'Enough of My Love' is a love song that I feel I just now am ready to release. I have had a hard time expressing my feelings through life, and lately, I have taken some big steps towards becoming more authentic and brave enough to say "I love you" to those I love. And what perfect timing to release such a song going into the summer and with corona as a hopefully almost finished chapter in Denmark - and the World."

With summer in full swing, Mattis finds the perfect balance of pop with love to soar through the rest of his career.