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Lune Blue - 'Run To Tomorrow'

Brighton-based Luna Blue continue their high wave into the music scene with their third release of 2021, 'Run To Tomorrow'.

Following the soaring hits, 'How Does It Feel' and 'Heavens Gates', the four-piece risers have had a summer not to forget. As they hone their craft and find a niche with the ever-growing industry, Luna Blue addictive sensibilities of indie-pop is an earworm of fun and sass.

As we ascend into soaring vocals and high tempo productions, Luna Blue tell the story of their growing love of music and modern journey through the nostalgic music video. Fulfilled with snippets from the start of their ventures to now, Luna Blue tells us that we should follow our dreams.

With a series of live shows in return to a euphoric end to 2021, Luna Blue are the quartet you should go and see.