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Lumer - 'The Disappearing Act'

Depicting between the past and present; Lumer have broken down the flaws of society through a gritty yet intriguing new EP 'Disappearing Act'.

Through notched up vocals and thrashing guitars, the Hull-based band delve into themes of corruption, heartbreak, and online social pressures that we can all resonate with. Whilst they take profound echoing of post-punk legends The Fall; Lumer approach on their integrity creates a special uniqueness that could reach the top of the ladder.

As they take on modern post-punk, the quartet makes razor-sharp observations both musically and lyrically, opening the set with 'She's Innocent'. A calm approach that leads to 'First is Too Late'; a journey of harsh vocals with roaring guitars that emphasise the power-hungry leaders. Whilst we are thrown across thumping basslines, the downtrodden title track 'Disappearing Act' allows us to expand on the final days of reflecting on a man's experiences with loss and emptiness.

Speaking about their latest work, lead vocalist, Alex Evans said: "The entire writing process felt incredibly easy. It takes, whoever can be bothered to listen, down a bitter road of different experiences and what we despise in the world. It talks of love, hate, hope and death, and ultimately the personal things that affect the majority of people’s lives."

With their EP jumping across boundaries and taking no survivors, 'By Her Teeth' ritz into the narrative of a tumultuous relationship; leading into a spiral of sadness within 'The Sheets'. As they juxtapose hatred and love and coming to terms with a broken heart, Lumer close of with 'Another Day at The Zoo'. A subtle end to the dystopian world they have created yet uncannily recognisable to us.

Through a document of horrors, Lumer grit and passion towards post-punk is in all fairness putting, them on the music map.