Lucy DK: 'Another Level' is the Perfect fit of Dream RnB

South London, Lucy DK returns with her electrical track 'Another Level'.

Written in the midst of New York City, with the collaboration of local DJ grkoz, DK's soulful vocals over whimsical beats make a dream-pop R&B experience that reminisces Empress Oh and Raveena.

Extending on the single, Lucy talks about 'Another Level' is a song about what-ifs. She added: "What if I acted on one desire over another, what if I had picked you instead of you, what if we hadn’t given up so easily. The beauty and terror of those things are that you never know. It’s easy to romanticise could-have-been because you only live the dream, never the tough reality.” 'Another Level' is a dive into dream-like infidelity that sees DK's writing as seductive and lyrical as ever.

Her latest track 'Another Level' is part of the two-track release 'Selfish', that sees DK release the songs on leaving New York to move back to South East London, to work on her next project.

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