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Lucky Iris - 'Coffee Shop'

After a small hiatus of honing their craft, Leeds duo Lucky Iris return with the bittersweet feeling of what we have missed these past years with the buoyant single, 'Coffee Shop'.

Fulfilled with the intimate feeling's we have all experienced shared through the works of their lyricism. Juxtaposed with alt-pop soundscapes consumed through electro-dreamy undertones, Lucky Iris living room single shapes a track relatable at heart yet cherishes the return of normality.

Speaking of their most recent work, Maeve explained: “'Coffee Shop' was really just created from our desire to get out into the world during lockdown. Although we were desperate to travel again, we found ourselves really wanting to sit in our favourite local coffee shop and feel that little sense of normality that comes with being out and about running errands and stressing about running errands. The little things which seemed suddenly so big when they got taken away from us!”

With a new era of music just around the corner, Lucky Iris is Norths latest duo to not hide away from.