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Luca Wilding - To

London's hotly tipped singer-songwriter delves into poetic sentiments of romance, tragedy and heartbreak within his perfect fitting debut EP 'To'.

Raised in the heart of Greater London, Luca brings vulnerability yet deep meaning to his artistry as he takes on a pop-folk approach towards his soundscape.

Known for his ethereal falsettos that flows alongside gently plucked strings, Luca opens the EP with 'Johanna'; a poetic ode to losing a friend over the truth. Carried through the soft drums with a subtle take of background synths that turns into a groove of retro chords; Luca's opening track is a powerful opener that sets out simplicity throughout the rest of the project. Followed through with 'Ruby, Don't Cry', listeners delve into the story of the artist meeting a stranger on a train. With poignant songwriting and echoing folk rhythms, Luca imaginations come alive within a strong production.

As Luca continues to captivate listeners with detailed storytelling, he makes an amiable impression with a rustic atmospheric sound within 'Master' that delves into the fear of losing someone. Finally closing of the EP with the title track 'To', Luca allows himself and listeners to have closure as he delves into the thought of loving someone.

From signing to Abbey Records back in 2019 to continuous support, Luca Wilding four-track EP proves that he is becoming an artist to watch but still has space to grow.