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Lostboy EP - Bad News

Embarking into 2019 with sweet indie-pop, lostboy long-awaited debut EP Bad News was worth the wait.

Credit: Iwan Lloyd

Set between the discussions of men's mental health and the exploration of anxiety and taboo - listeners are treated to a vulnerable yet welcoming five-track EP from the new kids of Sheffield.

As they tap within the productions of noughties indie with the staple sounds of cheeky, modern pop, lostboy open their account with fans favourite 'Kid'. Amid the sparkling, detailed riffs, Max leads vocal tones pound within the drums and set off an addictive beat that leads into the title track 'Bad News'. Between the distinctive soundscapes they are known for, the roaring riffs juxtapose the rough vocals as the narrative takes on a positive mindset within the bad times of life.

Speaking about the project, lead singer Max elaborated: “The EP as a whole is an insight into the thoughts and feelings that were evoked in me during the national lockdowns. I wanted to write songs for everybody, songs that people could listen to and relate to. The 'Bad News - EP' just about sums up the shit show we've all endured this last year and a half; the songs credit our British 'carry on' attitudes, call out for change and touch on taboo topics many of us (myself included) have been reluctant to address.”

Following through, listeners next step into the EP delves into the feelings of the issues we all face as human beings within the holding single 'Fix' - told through the fast-paced euphoric sounds of intricate melodies and specific lyricism. In the closing embers, listeners earworm into the standout single 'Self(ish)', an exploration to the glimpse of one of his closest friends and bassist of lostboy experiencing a tough time and told through the soft charm of vocal tones alongside the flow of amiable guitars.

With their continuous glow into the music scene, lostboy are ready to take on domination.