Lois Rae Smith releases stunning debut single 'Skin and Bone'

Hailing from Manchester, Lois Rae Smith is part of a new era of exciting new pop visionaries that are embarking on a journey that we can't stop.

The singer-songwriter and instrumentalist has emerged onto the music scene with her glowing debut ballad 'Skin and Bone' that emplane on anybody who has ever loved and lost.

Speaking about the single, Lois explains: "This song is for anybody who has ever loved and lost. For me, it’s about that empty feeling when you have tried everything to make things right, but you still can’t make something work. Sometimes it’s kind of goes past the point of pain to where you just feel numb. This is my debut single, and for that reason, I wanted to make sure that it really made its mark and embodied that raw and authentic emotion that everybody feels at some point in their life.”

The self-produced acoustic ballad features tender piano melodies and subtle strings that allows Lois' voice to take centre stage. Proving how quick she has found her feet as a writer and clear knack for penning poignant narratives and singable melodies.

From an online following and her demand for angelic voice to being compared to the likes of Adele and Lana Del Ray; Lois Rae Smith is now ready to take on the world.

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