Lleo 'Only Get Better'

A bold signature release that delves into the joys and misfortunes of our strange lives within 'Only Get Better'.

Offering a slice of fierce pop, Lleo waves across the horrors of the world as she looks ahead to a brighter tomorrow through sugar-sweet pop production that's layered down by the juxtaposed lyricisms that hold the true meaning. As she reflects her own life, the esque-sounds of Lauv and Charli XCX is glittered by her own creative artistry that sets her out from others; whilst keeping her emotions at the heart of the track - reminding listeners it can 'Only get Better'.

As she recalls the tenderness balance of hope and confusion, she explained: "I want people to feel sad and happy when they hear my music. I want them to understand the layers. If they have a head-full of layers as I do, then my music will resonate with them.”

Whilst Lleo is new to the music scene, the singer-songwriter shows authenticity as she explores the world of disconnection in the form of her music.

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