Lisa Gorry – ‘It Was You (and Me)’

Kildare singer-songwriter Lisa Gorry teases her upcoming sophomore EP with the first single, ‘It Was You (and Me).’

Opening with light percussion and tender string arrangements, the track celebrates a journey in strength and self-love. The song circles back to the assertion, “Now I can give myself freely.” Gorry’s emotional release mirrored in the track’s musical delivery, built around her touching vocals and lyrics.

Gorry considers the single, alongside her upcoming EP of the same name, as granting answers to questions that were asked on her debut, Is it Me? Undoubtedly an exciting moment in her artistry, Gorry noted: “[It] was a reminder to myself of the work that I had done in the wake of past relationships to become stronger and more self-reliant and how, while it was helped along by a loving partner who sought to understand. It was me who had to put in the foundational work first, to then be able to express myself and set boundaries within a new relationship.”

Ahead of her sophomore EP release on October 28th, ‘It Was You (and Me)’ illustrates another landmark in Gorry’s compelling musical journey as she continues to connect with her audience on a deeply emotional level.

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