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Liberty - 'Troye Sivan'

Moniker Liberty arouses us with the tendencies of religion and sexuality, all whilst paying homage to Australian sweetheart Troye Sivan, throughout the rawness single 'Troye Sivan'.

Formerly the lead singer of rock-outfit Dúné, Danish star Liberty continues his high acclaimed solo career with the celebratory freedom of attraction between human beings but incorporating the history of religion through the complex yet resonate lyricism.

Keeping to his musical style of introvert pop, with hints of rock, Liberty in your face attitude is one you don't turn away from. As he crushes over pop star Sivan to questioning the thought of "What's Jesus got to do with it?" Liberty latest work is an anthem of emotions.

"This is a song about my-not so secret-man crush on the one and only, Troye Sivan. To me, Troye is a voice, the look, and pure feelings of a whole generation–an inspiring human being and one of those out of this world artists like Bowie," he said. “While writing it, it somehow took a life on its own, incorporating themes of the historic religious opposition to the idea of people of the same sex finding each other attractive."

Through the elements he has portrayed, 'Troye Sivan' is the pathway to a journey of no secrets and shows of Liberty as one of the futures.