Lianne La Havas Announces Exclusive Live show from London Roundhouse

British singer and songwriter have announced a worldwide exclusive live show from the London Roundhouse on the 15th July.

The exclusive show will be broadcast live across the world with ticketed access. It will include new songs from her forthcoming self-titled album as well as firm favourites from her first two records, 2012's 'Is Your Love Big Enough?' and 2015s 'Blood'.

This very special, one-off performance comes off the back of her latest track 'Weird Fishes' (cover of Radiohead's) which she described: "I had the most wonderful, nourishing experience recording that" and added: "And that's where I decided: the rest of the album needs to be like this". Also gaining worldwide attention and becoming Annie Macs Hottest Record on BBC Radio 1.

The latest track has followed on from her soul-gem 'Bittersweet' and the newest release of 'Can't Fight' - which was co-written and produced by Mura Masa - all of which has put Lianne back on the map for 2020.

The exclusive performance will be broadcast via YouTube and tickets for the gig will be available from 9 am Friday, June 26th.

Don't forget her new album 'Lianne La Havas' will be out on July 17th and you can pre-order here.

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