Lewis Capaldi at Bournemouth O2 Academy

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

Lewis Capaldi at Bournemouth O2

The minute Capaldi ran onto the stage for his first show of this tour, you knew where you were. After a Mamma Mia song for his entrance, he jumped into Grace. The song, which was only released on the 21st September, was well known by his fans. When he sang the first lyric, every fan knew the words.

He doesn’t have a big following but, he has a tight group of fans who know every lyric of all seven of his songs. Luckily though he played some of his new music and we are all in for a treat. Songs like Headspace to Figure it Out shows us that we are expecting something different to his old music.

Special effects of his voice recording which came half way through the show and added an individualised touch which you wouldn’t see anywhere else. Then the sudden chanting of “Lewis Capaldi” throughout the night was welcomed by Capaldi himself until he got to the point and said, “I think that’s quite enough now”.

Photo by Ross Mondon

The one thing which made the singer stick out was the comical side of his show. The constant jokes and even the funny situations throughout made it seemed like you were best friends with the guy. He was so personal and likeable, and he even went on about his tight trousers showing his bulge.

The constant jokes and laughing meant you totally forgot what the time was and before you knew it, he was singing his “last song” before the encore. The last two songs Tough and Bruises, are well-known, especially Bruises as it was his first released song. He then walked off stages just before the encore and soon re-emerged. He thought the audience wasn’t loud enough, so he walked back off and tried it again. By then he was living in dreamland and let the fans take it away with the lyrics and out singing him.

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