Leisure Theory - Deliverance

The man behind Leisure Theory, Jake Smith, creates a unique blend of electronic indie dance music through his latest EP Deliverance.

With such a rollercoaster of a year in 2019 from releasing his debut EP This Is My Password to touring across the UK and Ireland, Leisure Theory did not expect to release his second EP so early on. But following the cancellation of a string of shows due to the Coronavirus, Smith found himself in a position to work on new music.

For the first time, collaborators and producers became involved in the final stages of the EP. With the likes of Karl Ziegler - Manchester-based producer - being part of the project, who added a polished electro-pop finish to the tracks.

The title track, Deliverance opens the EP in the perfect way possible with a radical and bold feel, based on the current situations in the world. Jake Smith said: "It feels like a song that's more vital than ever to release right now. It's about escapism and the yearning for freedom from the constant barrage of bad news in the world."

This is then followed by, Reactor, a Charli XCX inspired glitch pop track which is the answer to what Leisure Theory portrays; a challenge both on guitar and dance music, creating a mixture of indie electronic tunes. The interlude then surges into the lead single, Bend and Break. Providing listeners dreamy guitar strings and wooden basslines; creating a summer atmosphere but, contradicted by the feeling of facing up to your insecurities.

Twenty Seventeen, the project closer, is a fitting way to finish off a small EP that gives listeners an insight into what Jake Smith can produce. The lo-fi indie-pop track immerses you on a journey of that feeling of finding new love - something we can all reminisce throughout lockdown.

Overall, the whole entity of Deliverance is a fresh find within the music industry, but Leisure Theory has a lot to learn.

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