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Konner - 'I Can't Get Away'

Rising indie-pop artist Konner brings lo-fi integrity as ‘I Can't Get Away' is the perfect closure to those Friday nights as you merge into the pillows of your bed in a haze.

Photo Credit: Stuart McConville

Through the windswept harmonies of the soul -esque infused by the 80s ambience; Konner truly captures his listeners with the heartstring vocals, he possesses. As the intricate productions ease through, Konners' specific lyricism delves the listeners truly into an experience that can resonate with others.

Speaking about his latest single, he said: "I Can’t Get Away is a song about not being able to escape the worst of yourself and being stuck in a vicious cycle. It was almost a letter to myself explaining the cycle of self-doubt and self-deprecation I was stuck in, where every person around me seemed to be a reflection back at my own insecurities, but also acknowledging how important it was to face these feelings and keep going." He added: "It’s a lonely song but one filled with a bit of a hope that things will get better.”

Since emerging on the scene of the soils of the Scottish music scene - fans of 1975 and Fickle Friends will soon be capturing onto Konner.