Koala Club - 'So Long'

After a streak of songs released earlier this year, Brighton-based Koala Club are back with their buoyant single 'So Long' that delves into the positives of letting someone go.

Through humorous lyrics and glossy guitar riffs, the band bring together a blissful indie-anthem to times which seem unbearable. With sleek vocals that flow alongside upbeat, catchy melodies; 'So Long' will have you on your feet dancing. Speaking about the track, frontman James Grimsdale said: "Nobody likes being taken, for granted. This song is a celebration. It’s about moving on from toxic people and looking after no.1. We wanted the song to reinforce the idea that positive outcomes do occur from letting go, even when you think you can’t."

With the band securing a slot with indie idols Swim Deep, the band have continued to grow and gain support across Spotify and BBC Introducing.

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