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Kinder - 'Gently'

Alongside the announcement of his debut album Different, London-based Kinder delves into the pensive exploration of self-destructive behaviour of a relationship within 'Gently'.

Smoothed with the thin piano chords alongside the subtle hints of electronic undertones, formerly known, Leo Wyatt shares both platonic and romantic feelings of ending his love with someone and shares his journey through the simplistic yet impactful lyricism. Completed with light echoes of Jeff Buckley esque vocal tones with the infusion of featured vocalist Paige Bea, 'Gently' strings along, with our own feelings of love and captures us from the start.

“Having been in a relationship for so long, modern dating was a complete unknown to me. It can often lead people to act like a different version of themselves. I found myself moulding my personality to make people I was dating like me”, said Wyatt of the track.

With his debut album set to delve into the introspection of one-self and reflect the action of a man, Kinder mature and honest offering is a rare yet beautiful sight into an artist.