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Keni - 'Sid & Nancy'

19-year-old newcomer Keni slices through intricate pop within 'Sid & Nancy' that delves into an ode of forbidden love.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Keni has captured the many for her unique yet marked out approach to music which follows suit throughout 'Sid & Nancy'. As she desires a world of emotion fulfilled with intimacy and connection, listeners travel through sharp production alongside tender alt-pop soundscapes.

Partnered with an aesthetic music video that breakdown the stages we have all faced - from the honeymoon stage to the breakdown - Keni approach that's splashed with DIY authenticity is welcomed to a world of madness. Speaking about her latest release, she said: "When I wrote ‘Sid and Nancy’, the only thing I knew about love was that I wanted it. The intention with this song was not to romanticize a toxic relationship like the one Sid and Nancy had but to use that as a metaphor for that obsessive, can’t live without each other type of love that I was desperately seeking during a certain time. This is the first song I wrote based on personal experience - it’s super special to me."

From her debut 'Devil's a Dylan' to 'Sid & Nancy'; Keni is quickly establishing herself and ready to expand her horizon across the border.