Katy Alex - 'Sucker For Love'

Liverpudlian Katy Alex unapologetically shares the unfiltered feeling of love through the amorous debut 'Sucker For Love'.

Following the successful routes of her demo EP Mixtape 1, Alex is fastly becoming a star to watch within the UK music scene. From signing her first record and publishing deal to being nominated for a Youth Music Award, Alex's first offering of her upcoming collection is a strong start to the future of her career.

Set between the balance of self-worth and controlling the feelings of falling for someone, Alex gives listeners a story told through the music of modern, Scandinavian influence with the twist of past charm that Liverpool has witnessed. Through the clever take of attentive lyricism alongside fever-pop productions, 'Sucker For Love' is the perfect soundtrack to forget about the present time. Speaking about her latest track, Alex added: “Sucker For Love is a scandalously flirtatious pop banger, telling a story about the heart-racing emotions felt when finding that special someone that sparks raw lust. We've all had that sweaty-palm, tongue-tied kind of crush on someone, so I wanted to play with those feelings by building the track around the initial lyric."

With only just starting and already picking up the rewards for her work, 'Sucker For Love' proves once again, Katy Alex career is one to watch.

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