Katie Wood - 'Enemies To Lovers'

Through the nostalgic charm of productions with the forward-thinking move of gothic-pop, Essex based Katie Wood delivers her best work within 'Enemies To Lovers'.

Playing an ode to the famous 90s cult television series Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Wood explores the intricate feeling of enemies to lovers tropes deep within the effortlessly detailed lyricism. As she keeps in touch with her discography, Wood amorous vocals weave between the sophisticated yet raw touches of pounding drums mingled with the hooking undertone synths.

Speaking of the influences of the track, Wood said: "I saw a resemblance in relationships I've had to Buffy and Spike's. Their love is complicated, and it's never easy. There is undeniable chemistry that I wanted to capture in the music. By no means am I romanticising the violence in their relationship, however, there's just something about them together. When it's good, it's hot!"

With already wowing critics for her previous work, Katie Wood latest offering, 'Enemies To Lovers', backs her as one to watch for the future of UK music.

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