Kate B'mand - 'Just Chillin''

The 18-year-old bedroom pop star follows her quietly funky single 'Time Flies' with her dreamy 'Just Chillin".

Age has no limits for this free-spirited artist as her calm, ocean vibes have swept us into a world of individualism and soothing eccentricity.

The gentle waves throughout this song ease your senses in a time when we are bombarded with intensity and fear. Kate B'mand gifts us a fantastical lullaby intertwined with the ambiguity of love to paint a truly, colourful fairytale for our imaginations.

Kate is a glowing light in the now prominent bedroom pop sub-genre. But her soft chords and melodies have now whisked out from the bedroom window and into the world, and I, for one, am waiting in anticipation for what Kate's inevitably illustrious career has in store for us.

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