Kat Saul - 'Alright'

Los-Angeles based singer-songwriter Kat Saul is back with her latest release 'Alright' an anthem that celebrates taking a chance of love.

Following on the releases of 'Monsters' and 'I Love To Hate You', Kat creates the kind of music that makes you want to dance, headbang and cry. Taking inspiration from her youth, Kat blends infectious pop melodies and self-aware lyricism with alt-rock instrumentals that remains unrestricted by genres and comes straight from the heart of the artist.

Speaking about the single, she said: "To me, one of the scariest challenges of becoming a sort-of-grown up is getting out of my comfort zone." She added: "There comes to a point where you have to decide whether to break down those walls or to let people inside them. It can be incredibly challenging, especially romantically, but when has easy ever been rewarding, you know? Love, risk and growth are what make life beautiful and worth living."

As she hopped on the scene with the release of her debut EP 'From Unit 408' she has continued to surprise us with a unique brand of music. With a series of singles, Kat is hoping to grace our ears with her upcoming sophomore EP, slated for release later this year.

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