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Kaisha - 'Predicament'

Brighton-based Kaisha allures us in the oaths of her latest single, 'Predicament', for the twist and turn of the perfection of soulful RnB.

Taken inspiration from the likes of The Internet and Mahalia, Kaisha unique approach to her sound is fulfilled with the neo-soul groove production - set for the blissful sunsets of summer. With the helping hand of producer James Berkeley of Yakul, 'Predicament' pulls us in with the splash of driving pop elements and enticing harmonies as the singer-songwriter delves into the world of her own life.

Based on the premise of helping a loved one who's mentally suffering, Kaisha latest offering is the space we all need and reminds us to check on others. "I think as the other person, you want to encourage them to open up, and you want them to trust you. Essentially creating a safe space for them," explained Kaisha.

From her debut EP Something Else to marking her name within the world of soul, Kaisha is emerging as one to watch for 2021.