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JXCKY - 'System'

Melbourne-based pop star JXCKY paves down the route of our shadows and explores the dark side of one within 'System'.

After the successful release of his break-up song 'What’s So Good About Brandon?', JXCKY returns with dark-pop tendencies that pulsate between the visceral esque production of Billie Eilish and ASHWARYA.

As he delves into letting go of the past and truly being himself again through the lyrical purification, JXCKY adds: “'System' marks the first time I’m dipping into that sinister, darker side of pop-rock. The track accentuates growing desperation for closure and the need to cleanse one’s body free from that tight, lethal grip.”

Giving glimpses of a different side to his artistry, JXCKY sweet but intricate pop production is a showcase of growth and prepares us for what's to come next.