John Dhali - 'Soft Kiss'

London-based John Dhali brings an explosive finale to the troubled 2020 with the emphatic single 'Soft Kiss'.

Reminiscing the influences of Pulp with the infused sound of Sam Fender, John soars through rich vocals alongside driving production that sends-off a feel-good message throughout. Known for spreading love across his growing fan-base, the song perfectly follows suit.

With an equally bold video where we see a wild Dhali dancing through the oaths of London, the singer-songwriter said: "I was staring at the sky when I wrote the tune and, it’s about letting go and, being in that expansive place in your heart. So, I thought I’d wear the message and make an advert for staying positive.”

From North-West to taking the risk of the capital, Dhali 2021 is looking to be a fruitful year of music as he continues to look at the positive outlooks of society.

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