Joe Traxler - 'Don't Dance'

Vienna riser Joe Traxler broods into the deep ocean of social anxieties through the juxtaposed feel-good indie-pop 'Don't Dance'.

Making his mark with the third single of the year and ready to make new beginnings with his upcoming debut LP Lifelines, Traxler finds himself tapping between the funk-driven beats to the exploration of an evening out afflicted by the insecurities and concern of one through the lyricism of experiences.

With an authentic, addictive touch to his music, Traxler spoke further on what making music means to him and said: “I do music for the love of it and curiosity to delve deeper into all different aspects of it. I like to use my privilege of doing music for a living to inspire people and to make them feel something. I personally feel most inspired by artists who don’t follow any recipes for commercial success but pursue their unique creative journey.”

Screaming with the comparison of Dan D'Lion and hitmaker Jeremy Zucker, Joe Traxler forward-thinking is slowly putting him on the European musical map.

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