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James Jack - 'Spike Me'

Interchanging between the perspective of escape and the search for something to make life more exciting, 20-year-old James Jack latest single 'Spike Me' is a bold and punchy yet resonance release.

Through the driving guitar riffs and light thundering drums, 'Spike Me' reminds me of the early days of Sam Fender but with a twist; that shows James Jack is curating his own path. With low undertones that glow between his heavy vocals, the singer-songwriter captures us within a deep lyrical journey that seems far too relevant in today's world.

As he weaves through The Beatles inspired harmonies within the chorus of the track; James Jack creates a popular yet unique soundscape that keeps us entitled with the single and portrays the importance of what life is.

From one end of the music industry to the other, the Bath-based singer is now embracing the solo career everyone wishes that has seen him create thrilling indie-rock fulfilled with emotion.